I am currently building a frequency counter . When it.s working, I will create a kit that you can buy, but all of that will happen on www.theopenproject.org . If it is ready , it will probably cost about R400.

Another thing I am doing, is I am trying to get cheap PCB's to us in South Africa. I have been offered an opportunity to be a distributor for a PCB company. It will probably cost $65 for 5 x board of the same layout, up to 100 square cm. Now there is no tooling, but you will probably pay about $10 for postage. That.s still better than anything locally in double sided with a resolution of up to 8mil resolution. They offer very decent quality, and have them ready and deliver within a month. That beats any price that you can get in Durban commercially. I can get multilayer boards as well(up to 40 layers, though I I.ll need to get a quote for that.) So if you are interested in these boards, please mail me from the main page under contact.

I have recently been playing with the idea of building a pager that we could use for Hamnet. Then someone announced on the local Hamnet bulletin that it would be a great idea. PCB one -we do the RF demodulation. I just used a crystal for the first design. It uses an SA612 and a couple of other schematics. See www.zr5tux.za.net/schems/main.png

then I have the modem. This is a pic, that decodes the data. then sends that per serial to the next micro. The second miro(avr) will the look at the data,and decode it, then It will output it to the lcd. I have incorporated 3 switches, one led, and then one speaker which will create the audio alert. see www.zr5tux.za.net/schems/modem.png.

These are : a keypad door lock. A frequency counter. and a couple of other toys.

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