Early 2005 I joined Mensa. For those of you who don't know what Mensa is, it is a club for intellectuals. This is mostly a group of smart asses, but hey, I fit in with them.

After I wrote my exam, I thought, ah well, There goes R50 down the drain.I took my letter they gave me and slowly walked back to my mothers office. When I was close to her office i decided to open the letter. First I found a meal voucher for their meetings. Then I became confused. Why the hell would they give me a meal voucher, If I did not make it... then I found the next letter, it said. Congratulations. you passed the test.or well it was something similar.

so I went to then meeting. was there on the dot five o'clock.I stood at the pub, wondering what huge group this would be. So I walk up to the bar tender and ask where they are. He looked at me, and said he did not no of such a group that would be coming. Uhm, then I phoned the guy I knew that would definitely come. He said. well your early(the letter said five o'clock). thats when I found out everything works on African time. Well it was a great evening. good food as well. the only thing that was bad was the fact that I had a tooth absess

The next function I attended was their Annual Gathering. This was great fun. We went to new castle. It was only for the weekend. I got a lift with one of my friends, Kim. We drove there in a Audi quatra. It was a great drive, with all the snacks I had put in. That evening we ate, and had a chat. Then next morning we went to the Blood river battlefield. we had great fun there. we then went to a local beer brewery and pub. Had some good food there and had better beer. Germans do most things very well. It was a stunning weekend. For anyone with the brain power, I would suggest that you join Mensa.

Ive recentl;y started to post on the Mensa yahoo group. Man these people can take low blows. This is most probably the most interesting mailing list I have seen.I have made some inputs as well. Mainly saying that Linux is the only real operating system. Now I feel about Linux as most people would feel about a religion.

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