Well, I have recently become wannabe writer. I have completed my first short story that some people actually enjoyed.it is available here. I will probably send it to escapepod and hope they like It.

I am a general geek/ do it all'er, who has recently been noticed by my school and now everyone started to realize that I can do everything, or so it seems to them. I am my schools Lan manager, computer technician, audio expert and electronics fundi.

I have a tendency to be good at organizing things, like school functions and trips and general things where work needs to be done. I am though not a peoples person, and as I stated In Rules on asking Edd for help I wont do work were I need to interact with more than 5 people, where more than half of them needs to be intellectuals.

I am a 'loner' or well, I generally just do not like crowds and stupid people. I have a small selection of good school friends and a bit bigger selection of geek friends. School friends are basically the guy with the most musical talent in school and the Girl with who is probably the second best intellectual in my school

I have a tendency to do out of character things or well, probably stupid impulsive things when i think fit.eg This valentines day I sent roses to a girl I fancy, with no avail of course.

I am a radio amateur with the call sign zr5tux(hence the web page Addy)

I am a ardent craphound, with a garage full of..... stuff, and my room is fairly full of it as well.

I like cooking. I recently started baking cakes and other delicacies so, I suspect that I will we increasing around the waist soon,heh.

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